Notes from the leadership journey!

A Significant Moment for Centre Grove UMC

On Sunday, April 19, 2015, Centre Grove United Methodist Church celebrated 200 years. It was a significant moment!

Leonard Sweet devotes a chapter in his book, Learn to Dance the Soul Salsa, to challenging readers to “Make a Moment.” He writes …

There is one day in your life that will be your best day. There is one day in your life that will be your worst day. It’s important to know when you’re having one of life’s best moments. And worst. Landmark both.

The anniversary celebration on April 19, 2015 was a significant moment.

We sought to celebrate God’s faithfulness, God’s greatness. I remember saying more than once, “We gather, not to celebrate our greatness or our faithfulness, but to celebrate the greatness and faithfulness of our God!”

We received tremendous affirmation from our Bishop (Jeremiah Park) and District Superintendent (Kathy Kind). At times, it was a little uncomfortable, but it was affirming. We know we have some real growing edges, and we know that the vitality we’re experiencing is fragile (life and vitality always is). We know we have some work, and some growing, to do. And with God’s help, we will do it. But right now, we simply need to mark this moment!

This Sunday, we will spend some time reflecting on the significance of what God is doing in this moment. Then we will move forward. But first, we need to mark this moment. Again, it’s not our significance that we celebrate, but rather, we celebrate the significance of what God is doing in us!

May God continue to work in us and through us!

I believe he will if we will stay humble, stay hungry, and stay in tune with God!

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Think You’re Safe?

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“Breaking the Missional Code”

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