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Online Image Editors

For the first few years of the life of this blog, we posted very few photos. That began to change with the referral of Ethan when we (reluctantly) posted one of his first photos. So I thought I’d blog about the tools we use for posting photos.

When we first started using WordPress, the platform we use for our blog, it had minimal image capabilities, so we’ve been using the NextGen Gallery plugin (NGG) to post photos on the blog, including the galleries (one of the most popular sections of our blog).

NGG is a great photo plugin, but I’ve always been concerned about what happens to our photos if/when the plugin is no longer developed (nothing lasts forever). Incidentally, WordPress, which is constantly under development, is currently focusing on developing its media features for the next version (2.9). And, fortunately, the developer of NGG promises a filter to import photos into the WordPress 2.9 core gallery. Hopefully, the import works well AND the WordPress gallery is capable!

Anyway, on to the online image editors.

Since photos need to be reduced/optimized for the Web (for faster page loading), we’ve tried several different tools over the last couple of years. Early on, we used two different applications (older versions of GraphicConverter and Fireworks).

Recently, however, I’ve been looking for a better/faster/smoother experience. After trying (and not really liking) free trials of a few different applications, I focused on several different (free) online image editors. In the end, I added three to my bookmarks, including Picnik, Pixlr, and Web Resizer.

My favorite is Picnik. I basically saved the others in case I need a backup option.

Web Resizer automatically makes a suggestion for resizing/optimizing, which can be adjusted. I like Pixlr pretty well except that I had to manually zoom out to see the whole photo. Picnik automatically fits the photo in the browser window (great feature!). It’s also very user-friendly.

So, if you’re looking for online image editing tools, I hope this post is helpful!

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