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General Conference 2012 Round-up

General Conference 2012 ended one week ago today. In the past week, I’ve read a number of post-conference reflections. I thought I’d list several of them here. These aren’t necessarily the best, or only ones, but they are some of the best ones I’ve read.

United Methodist New Service: General Conference wrap-up (Richard Peck)

A General Conference Postlude (Rev. Tom Berlin)

A view of General Conference, from the ‘muddled middle’ (Elaine Robinson)

Our stubborn system: A reflection on GC2012 (Ben Boruff)

GC reflections (Amy Lippoldt)

Reflections on General Conference 2012 (Rev. Mike Slaughter)

Some thoughts following General Conference (Bishop John Schol)

Bishop Davis Reflects on General Conference 2012 (Bishop Lindsey Davis)

Run Aground at Tampa Bay: A Reflection on the 2012 General Conference (Bishop Timothy Whitaker)

Several by Bishop Michael Coyner: Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right, No Guarantees, Finding Their Voice, It Was Never About Structure, and Good Results from General Conference.

All of these wrap-ups and reflections were written by people who attended General Conference 2012. I wasn’t there, but followed it as closely as I could from a distance. So, while I’m rounding up some articles, here are links to my General Conference-related posts …

Episcopal Address: Resurrection Revolution

Employed for Thee or Laid Aside for Thee

Church in Need of Bold Action Chooses No Action!

I Don’t Have to Survive!

General Conference and the Transformation of The United Methodist Church

“The Recovery of a Contagious Methodist Movement”

Transformation of The United Methodist Church

4 Strategies to Transform The United Methodist Church

John Wesley’s Fear for the Future of Methodism

If you’ve come across a good General Conference wrap-up/reflection, please leave a comment!

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