Notes from the leadership journey!


We are proud parents of Ethan and Sarah, and ordained elders in the Susquehanna Conference of The United Methodist Church. Joleen is pastor of West Side UMC and Randy is pastor of Centre Grove UMC in Clearfield, Pennsylvania. We are graduates of Asbury Theological Seminary (D.Min., 2008).

We write mostly about life and leadership in the church. In recent years, we wrote about Ethan and Sarah’s adoption processes.

Ethan’s Adoption
In January 2007, we formally began our first adoption process (the same month we both began work on our doctoral dissertations). We received the referral of a baby boy on September 25, 2008 (It’s a Boy!). On January 29, 2008, we received word it was time for us to travel to Korea to pick up our baby boy, a day after we emailed our rough drafts to our faculty mentor (It’s Time!).

We wrote 30 Hours following the long trip to Korea. We also wrote several posts while we were in Korea—most are tagged cross-cultural experience. We wrote 1,000 Words after our first visit to Ethan’s foster home.

Sarah’s Adoption
As Ethan’s adoption process neared finalization in the fall of 2008, we began making plans to begin a second adoption process. Our paperwork went to Korea in May 2009. From there, things moved quickly. We received a referral a few months later (It’s a Girl!).

On October 12, 2009, we got the call informing us that Sarah was ready for travel. Several days later, we were on our way to Korea to pick up Sarah. After meeting Sarah at her foster family’s home in Korea, we introduced Sarah.

We are grateful for God’s blessings!