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Ethan Joined Our Family Six Years Ago!

Today is one of our favorite days of the year—Ethan’s “gotcha day”!

Six years ago today, Joleen and I were in Korea and Ethan became part of our family, a day after meeting him for the first time in his foster home.

In some ways, it’s hard to believe it has been six years already. No wonder the number one piece of advice we heard as we prepared to bring Ethan home was “Don’t blink!” It was good advice!

To celebrate, we went to a local play place, where the kids played for a while. Afterward, we went to McDonald’s where the kids got ice cream cones (even though it was at least -13 degrees this morning). At bedtime, we read the story of Ethan’s adoption using a photo book we put together a couple of years ago.

We are grateful to God for his blessings on us!

Celebrating 5 Years With Ethan!

Five years ago today, Ethan joined our family! Of course, Ethan, 8-months-old then, joined our family reluctantly, at the time. We had just met him in his foster home the day before. From there, he adjusted very quickly! We celebrated his “gotcha day” last night by going to Fun Central, a local indoor play area.… Continue →

Korean American Day

Today marks 110 years since the first Korean immigrants arrived in the U.S. (see In 2005, the U.S. House and Senate named January 13 Korean American Day. Here’s the resolution (S. RES. 283) by the 109TH CONGRESS on December 16, 2005 … Recognizing the contributions of Korean Americans to the United States and encouraging… Continue →

Celebrating 3 Years With Sarah

Three years ago, Joleen and I were in Seoul, Korea to pick up Sarah (see the day we met Sarah and first hours with Sarah). It’s one of the real highlights of our lives, a blessing for which we are eternally grateful! Today, we celebrated Sarah’s third gotcha day by going to Fun Central, a… Continue →

Sarah Turns Two!

Today is Sarah’s birthday—she’s two! We celebrated Sarah’s birthday yesterday on our day off. Thanks to Ethan and Sarah’s adoptions, we have lots to celebrate—birthdays (Sarah’s first birthday post) as well as gotcha days (Sarah’s first gotcha day and Ethan’s last one a month ago). Here are four photos from yesterday’s celebration and four from… Continue →

Ethan’s Third Gotcha Day

February 12 is a special day in our family—it’s “gotcha day,” the day we got Ethan (we got Sarah on October 22). Three years ago, Joleen and I were in Korea to get Ethan, then an 8-month-old baby boy. Each year, we’re able to talk about the meaning of the day a bit more. You… Continue →

Sarah’s First Gotcha Day

One year ago today, Joleen and I were in Seoul, Korea welcoming Sarah into our family (one day after meeting her for the first time). This week, we’ve been remembering our trip to Korea last October. That’ll continue tomorrow (one year since our first full day with Sarah) and Sunday (the anniversary of the long… Continue →