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How Was the Trip?

Whenever we return from traveling (or at the end of some important experience), we’ll commonly ask each other: How was the trip? It gives us an opportunity to reflect on things we enjoyed, things we didn’t enjoy, things we learned, and things we’ll carry with us forever.

Here at the end of our 10-week journey (i.e. parental leave), which involved going to Korea to get our baby and 8 weeks of creating a family with Ethan, it’s a good time for us to reflect on our trip.

General Highlights …

  • Time in Korea. We enjoyed our time there, experiencing a new culture.
  • Making new friends at the Korean Methodist churches, especially the small group with whom we spent our first evening with Ethan.
  • Spending time with Ethan, getting to know him, sometimes entertaining him, and many times being entertained.
  • Introducing Ethan to family and friends.
  • Completing our dissertations (mostly).
  • Memorializing this experience and inviting others on the journey with us, through this Web space.

We’re grateful for God’s incredible gifts to us. And we look forward continuing this journey with God and each other.

Korea Photo Gallery

Twenty-seven photos from our adventure to and from Korea (a small sampling of the 250 photos we took) have been posted on our Galleries page (there’s also a link at the top of the page). Most of these photos are in addition to photos we posted while we were in Korea. Probably the best way…

Rare Opportunities 2.0

While we were in Korea, we reported on our experiences with The Holy Flames Methodist Church (a congregation of around 2,000 people) and Kwanglim Methodist Church (which, we’re told is the largest Methodist Church in the world with a congregation of at least 70,000 people, although we’ve seen higher numbers online, too). If you missed…

Mirror Fascination

One of the things I was fascinated by while we were in Korea was the special mirrors that were on many of the vehicles, mirrors I’d never seen before (see photos below). And there’s a good reason for these mirrors — in the second largest metropolitan area in the world (with nearly 4 times as…

Our Amazing Korean Church Family

If you haven’t read the previous post (First Hours with Ethan) yet, please do so. In that post, I mentioned attending a small group gathering of people from The Holy Flames Methodist Church (BTW, the Methodist churches in Korea are part of the Korean Methodist Church; I’m not accidentally leaving out the word “United”). Originally,…


One of the greatest challenges in ministry is connecting the gospel to the surrounding culture. I wonder if there was a time in US history when this was an easier task, back when the nation was young. In such a time, a one-size-fits-all approach worked fairly well. IOW, a Methodist church in one place could…

Rare Opportunities

Saturday and Sunday were jammed packed days, as we spent time with pastors and church staff of two different Methodist churches in and around Seoul. On Saturday, one pastor and his family took us to Insa-dong, one of the main shopping districts in Seoul, where we had our first Korean food. Afterward, we toured Gyeongbokgung…

Images from Saturday in Seoul

We took a number of photos today — at Insadong, at Gyeongbokgung Palace, and various other shots. We’re posting several here. You should be able to click on any one of them, then click on “next” and/or “previous” underneath the photo to cycle through all nine, which appear in random order. Let us know if…