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Ethan and Sarah’s Signs of Growth

Last fall, about two weeks after we brought Sarah home from Korea, went went to Parker Dam for an afternoon. While there we snapped this photo. Back then, Sarah, at 8 months old, wasn’t very mobile. But she, as well as Ethan, has grown a lot in the five months since then. It was especially… Continue →

Six Months with Sarah

Six months ago today in Seoul, Korea, one day after meeting Sarah for the first time in her foster family’s home, we welcomed Sarah into our lives. The six-month mark is a milestone because it’s only after this point that we can legally file our petition to finalize the adoption (although, for legal purposes, the… Continue →

Ethan’s Signs of Caring

If you’ve been following our journey (i.e., most recently, welcoming Sarah into our family), you may recall that Ethan has struggled in this process, especially in the early days and weeks. Now that Sarah has been with us nearly six months, we’ve noticed recently that, while Ethan still has his moments, he is starting to… Continue →

Our Day in Hershey

This morning, the final day of our post-Easter family sabbath time, we left Lancaster and stopped in Hershey, PA on our way home. We went to ZooAmerica and Hershey’s Chocolate World. After a couple of very warm days (with 80-degree temperatures) it was a much cooler day (in the 50s). It was also fairly windy.… Continue →

Post-Easter Family Sabbath Time

Easter is a busy time for pastors, of course, and it’s an especially busy time for a family with two pastors and two kids. So, we’re taking a mini-vacation after Easter for some much-needed Sabbath time. We arrived in Lancaster, PA yesterday and will head back home tomorrow. On our way here, we reached another… Continue →

Easter 2010

Today was our first Easter with Sarah and our third with Ethan (see Easter 2008 and Easter 2009). We began Resurrection Day in worship. After lunch, we all took naps (when *I* nap, you know we’re tired!). Joleen says the Easter Bunny came while we were asleep, and when the kids got up (at 5:30!),… Continue →

Sugar Makes Me Happy!

Acouple days ago, we gave Ethan a treat after lunch (a little bit of Easter candy). Ethan doesn’t eat much junk food so he doesn’t get much sugar, normally. But after his treat, he was too wound up to take his normal 2+ hour nap. He stayed in his room (mostly in his bed, although… Continue →

Adoption and Bonding Dynamics

Six weeks after bringing Sarah home, we reflected on bonding the second time around. Now at five months, I recently visualized the difference in dynamics between the two experiences. When we brought Ethan home, Ethan entered a circle of two people, but when we brought Sarah home less than two years later, Sarah entered a… Continue →

Ethan and Technological Advances

I love technological advances. In fact, I’ve often thought about the people who lived through much of the 20th century, how much development they must have seen during their lifetimes! With that in mind, some time ago, in a moment of reflection, I wondered what kinds of technological advances Ethan will see during his (and… Continue →

Sarah’s Laugh

Sarah has been with us almost five months. When we first met her, she smiled and laughed a lot. But it struck us a few weeks ago, that she wasn’t laughing or smiling as much. We felt we had to work fairly hard to make her laugh. But I also realized today that Sarah is… Continue →