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New Spiritual Practices for a New Year

We are starting two new spiritual practices in 2013. First, we’re adding a practice to our evening family devotion routine. We’ve always read Scripture or a Bible story and prayed together as a family just before putting the kids to bed. Recently, we became more intentional about memorizing Scripture. This year, we’re adding a little… Continue Reading

Prayers for the Church: Transformational Leaders

The Church needs transformational leaders! Last week, I began a series of posts praying for the Church. The church certainly needs awakening. It also needs transformational leaders. Joleen and I have always endeavored to be transformational leaders. Transformational leaders seek to help the churches they lead experience new life and to become more active in… Continue Reading

5 Takeaways From “The Circle Maker”

I’ve written several posts about The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson over the last few months, including … The Circle Maker” 1.0 The Circle Maker” 2.0 The Circle Maker” 3.0 The Circle Maker” 4.0 Spiritual Priming and Shaping Culture Prayer Idiosyncrasies In this final post, I thought I’d share some takeaways from the book, practices… Continue Reading