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It Takes Time to Recover

Last month, Joleen and I celebrated 18 years of marriage (Really?!). It’s been quite an adventure. Everyone has challenges, and we’ve certainly had ours! The first 9 years of our marriage were intense enough—married in 1994, graduated from seminary and moved to PA to co-pastor a small, dying church in 1995, moved to Williamsburg to… Continue Reading

5 Practices to Make the Most of Time

I’ve been writing about The Balancing Act by Bishop Robert Schnase (see “The Balancing Act” and Pray More Than Criticize). Bishop Schnase writes on “Redeeming Time.” By that, he means “making time sacred, useful to God, holy” (119). Schnase adds: … redeeming the time involves discovering the holy, gift-like quality, the grace of time. It… Continue Reading

Recovery Time at the Bishop’s Retreat

One thing we’re slowly learning is that it takes time to recover from major stressful legs of the journey. The most recent stressful leg of our journey was working toward the monumental milestone of last week’s deadline for our ordination work. Fortunately, the Bishop’s Retreat, which I wrote about last week, came at just the… Continue Reading

Four Week Marathon

Beginning at midnight tonight, 2,830 people from across The United Methodist Church will begin a 4-week challenge. The challenge is open to members of the denominational health insurance plan, HealthFlex, who are participating in the HealthMiles rewards incentive program. As we’ve blogged before (see Racking Up HealthMiles), we are participating in the HealthMiles program, which… Continue Reading