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Our Big Weekend

Earlier today, Ethan described the past weekend, saying, “I had a big weekend.” Well, we’re a little over seven weeks through our 10-week family leave (in connection with our adoption of Sarah) and we finally took a couple days for the four of us to go out of town (most of the time has simply… Continue Reading

Eclectic Eating in Korea

The first time we were in Korea, we ate at one really nice Korean restaurant, another middle-of-the-road restaurant, and had one home cooked feast in someone’s home. We also ate at places like Starbucks (about the only thing open our first morning in Seoul due to the Lunar New Year holiday), Outback, and Bennigan’s (taken… Continue Reading

Photos from Korea

During our few days in Korea last week, we took well over 100 photos. Below are 18 of them. For more, see the the photos we posted from our recent trips to Korea (2008 and 2009). Since we had taken photos during our first trip, we tried to take different photos this time around, including… Continue Reading

It’s Good to Be Home!

We arrived home late this afternoon, 25 hours after getting up this morning in Seoul, Korea. Everything went as scheduled, and getting through immigration in Korea or customs in the US was a very smooth process. Sarah handled the trip very well, in spite of some pretty heavy and lengthy turbulence during the flight. Sarah’s… Continue Reading

Homeward Bound!

It’s 6:45 a.m. in Korea and we’ll soon be on our way home! Once Sarah got to sleep last night (which took a while), she slept all night long (which is better than Joleen and I did!). She woke up a few minutes ago and is content to hang out in the crib while we… Continue Reading