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Power for Mission 2.0

[Note: Joleen and I traded places today. Joleen preached at Petersburg and Alexandria/Barree and I preached at Wesley Chapel, Ennisville, and Faith. We each repeated our sermons from Pentecost Sunday two weeks ago to give our churches another perspective on the importance of Pentecost. You can read Joleen’s Pentecost Sunday sermon here: Can We Talk?… Continue Reading

Tear Down the Walls

Joel 2.28-29 The Berlin Wall At the end of WWII Germany became divided into occupational zones. The capital city of Berlin found itself divided as well. East Germany had a Soviet-style authoritarian government and many of the people longed for the political freedoms and prosperity of non-communist countries. Many East Germans fled to these non-communist… Continue Reading

Silver Boxes

Ephesians 4.29 An overview of the verse:Bad talk:Do not use talk that is unwholesome, foul, dirty, abusive. Swearing, vulgar, gossip, talking down to others, tearing others down or belittling, finding fault. Good talk:Say nice things: give compliments, be cheerful, tell the truth, put on a positive attitude. Edify: build up. Ministers grace:Not just that they… Continue Reading