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Ready to Go Home

We came to Korea to pick our baby girl. And now that we have her, we are ready to go home! My last post tells the story of our first hours with Sarah. As I commented on the previous post, we had a *great* night. Instead of her normal 4:00-5:00 wake-up/feeding, she woke up at… Continue Reading

In Transition

On Wednesday afternoon, we were taken to meet our baby girl in the home of her foster family. As you may be able to tell from the photo, our meeting with Sarah went very well! The girl who will be called Sarah was very comfortable with us. While our visit with her included the foster… Continue Reading

She Will Be Called Sarah!

In case you missed the introduction of Sarah, you’ll need to scroll down or click here. Randy and I actually chose the name Sarah years ago, when we only dreamed of a child. My maternal grandmother’s name is Sarah. And both Randy and I like the name. Ethan Quinn received his name as a parallel… Continue Reading

The Easy Way?

We learned a long time ago that God rarely does things the easy way in our lives (which is probably true for most people, really). Either that, or we are masochists. For example, we both (separately) pursued bachelor’s and master’s degrees while we were in a denomination that didn’t require higher education (in our pre-UMC… Continue Reading

Impressions of Korea

Joleen wrote Second Impressions earlier. The title was a play on words, based on posts we wrote last time we were here. Since we’re not really restating/rehashing a lot of our impressions, you might want to read/review some of our posts from last time where we reflected on the culture (incidentally, our last trip counted… Continue Reading