Notes from the leadership journey!

7 Deadly Sins 5 :: Avarice

“He who dies with the most toys wins.” You may have read that on a bumper sticker at some point. That could be the slogan for avarice. Avarice (a word we don’t really use much anymore) means “excessive, unbridled desire.” There are three closely related words we want to talk about … Greed – an… Continue →

The 7 Deadly Sins: Avarice

Notice the use of "abundant" or "abundance" in the following passages.John 10.10Luke 12.15-21 Abundance of possessions or abundant life? Which will we choose? Greed: desires more and more Covetousness: greed with jealousy (desiring what another has)Avarice: an excessive desire to obtain and keep money or possessions. Hoarding. Hoarding: News story of woman whose house is… Continue →

7 Deadly Sins 4 :: Sloth

Proverbs 6.6-11 There’s an animal called the sloth. It’s a mammal that lives mostly in trees and feeds mainly on leaves. It sleeps, eats, travels, and even gives birth, while hanging upside down. Sloths move only when they have to, and when they do, it’s normally very slowly. Amazingly, infant sloths hang onto their mother’s… Continue →

7 Deadly Sins: Anger

Name that Coach!In college basketball, the name of this Coach is synonymous with greatness and winning. This Coach is one who represents high principles, expectations and demands for his players, his coaching staff and, most of all, himself. But he is foremost an educator. His ability to teach young men the game of basketball and… Continue →

7 Deadly Sins 3 :: Anger

Think about your recent experiences of anger: were they justified? Are there certain common things that tend to make you angry? On a scale of 1-10, how much do you struggle with anger? “Anger is never without a reason, but seldom with a good one.” (Benjamin Franklin) Anger is not always wrong … “Anger is… Continue →

7 Deadly Sins 2 :: Envy

During Lent we are tracking through the “7 Deadly Sins”: pride, envy, anger, sloth, avarice, lust, and gluttony. We are spending this time dealing with the sin our lives because “Sin is real, and it’s a part of each of us” (Dunnam & Reisman). Last week, we looked at pride, the itch for recognition, and… Continue →

7 Deadly Sins: Envy

Proverbs 14.30Galatians 5.15-21 The sin of the evil eyeEnvy defined: from the Latin, “to look maliciously upon.” The New Testament Greek literally means “to have an evil eye.” Saul and David 1 Samuel 18.5-9, “Saul killed his thousands, and David his ten thousands.” This made Saul angry “So Saul eyed David from that day on.”… Continue →