Notes from the leadership journey!

“The Recovery of a Contagious Methodist Movement”

One of the highlights of our D.Min. program at Asbury Theological Seminary was taking a course called “Church for the Unchurched” by Dr. George Hunter. One of our favorite memories from the class was Dr. Hunter addressing the class as “Colleagues.” I have read some of Hunter’s books, including Church for the Unchurched, Radical Outreach,… Continue →

I Don’t Have to Survive!

Yesterday, the General Conference of The United Methodist Church voted to end so-called “guaranteed appointments” for ordained pastors. Read more in this article at Guaranteed appointments for ordained pastors began more than fifty years ago to protect the appointments of women and minority pastors. Today, the concern about guaranteed appointments is that it limits… Continue →

Church in Need of Bold Action Chooses No Action!

General Conference 2012 of The United Methodist Church began last Tuesday and ends next Friday. As I understand it, during the first week, individual committees prepare petitions for action on the main floor of the general conference. I have been following events from a distance via the internet, including Twitter, which, at times, offers play-by-play… Continue →