Notes from the leadership journey!

“Secrets of Dynamic Communication”

A couple of months ago, I listed some resources by Christian comedian and communicator, Ken Davis, in my post, Developing the Preaching Gift. Davis wrote Secrets of Dynamic Communication. He also offers CD and DVD sets from his 4-day Dynamic Communicators Workshops (DCW). Davis has developed a process he calls S.C.O.R.R.E. (Subject, Central Theme, Objective,… Continue →

Day Out with Thomas 2011

Last Friday, we took a trip to the East Broad Top Railroad to spend a day out with Thomas. It was a nice day. It was also our second day out with Thomas. Our first day out with Thomas took place in December 2009, shortly after we brought Sarah home from Korea. That trip took… Continue →

Adam Hamilton’s Leadership Revival

One of the highlights at this year’s annual conference was Adam Hamilton, senior pastor of The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection (COR). Adam led three presentations. We attended COR’s Leadership Institute in 2008 and thoroughly enjoyed it (see post here). Here are some of the highlights from Adam’s annual conference presentations … What Leaders… Continue →

The Alleluia Singers

West Side UMC was blessed to host a concert by the Alleluia Singers from Towson UMC, Towson Maryland. The Alleluia Singers is composed of a talented group of middle school and high school students. As part of a tour that took them through our area, they presented a program of music and drama, creatively entitled,… Continue →

Double Portion

In the days and weeks leading up to last Saturday’s Ordination Service, I prayed for a “double portion” of God’s Spirit (a reference to Elisha’s request at the anticipated exit of Elijah). It’s also a play on words, a celebration of the fact that both of us were ordained! Last Saturday, we were ordained elders… Continue →

Journeys & Destinations

Over the weekend, I remembered that after this Saturday’s ordination service, we will receive a certificate stating that we are ordained elders in the UMC. It made me wonder where our other official certificates/diplomas (mainly, academics degrees) are. What I found struck me as kind of funny. Our M.Div. diplomas remain in envelopes hidden in… Continue →