Follow Me: Who’s Your God?

Isaiah 55.1-11 Luke 9.57-62 The Things We Leave Behind by Michael Card There sits Simon so foolishly wise.Proudly he’s tending his nets.Then Jesus calls and the boats drift away.And all that he owns he forgets.But more than the nets he abandoned that day,He found that his pride was soon drifting away.And it’s hard to imagine … Read more

Community of Disciples

Acts 2.42–47 I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve here, teach, and lead us on the journey of becoming a community of disciples. One thing I’ve learned is that we all are on a journey, that we are all at different stages along the path, and that we all travel at different speeds. I’m not … Read more

Spiritual Formation

As we continue talking about discipleship — the kind of revolutionary discipleship Jesus modeled, we want to talk about discipleship in terms that you may not be familiar with, yet. Spiritual Formation: the process of being spiritually formed Another term for talking about spiritual growth or discipleship is “spiritual formation.” This term has been around … Read more

Follow Me: The “C” Word

Genesis 15 Covenant is RelationshipA covenant is a committment, a promise, but most of all it is a relationship.Our innate longing to be in relationshipi.e.The need of preemies to be touched. Types of Covenant Covenant of Friendship between David and Jonathon And Jonathan made a covenant with David because he loved him as himself. (1 … Read more

No Pain, No Gain

John 6.60–71 We’ve been talking about discipleship. But not just any kind of discipleship; we’ve been talking about the kind of discipleship Jesus talked about, and lived out – revolutionary discipleship! What is discipleship? Discipleship is the ongoing process of becoming like Christ. Process – it takes place over time Ongoing process – it never … Read more

Follow Me: Hearing the Call

Genesis 12.1-4aHebrews 11.8Matthew 4.18-22 Intro: Following in the footsteps of my father through the snow as a child. Disciple: a simple defintionA professed follower of Christ; a pupil or an adherent of another; follower. Following JesusThe game of “Follow the Leader” is a blatant game of imitation. Following Jesus is different … –    Following … Read more

This is a Disciple!

Mark 8.27–38 Gentlemen, this is a football … Legendary coach, Vince Lombardi would gather his players for training camp. These guys were some of the best athletes in the world; they had played football all of their lives. And the coach would stand up in front of them, hold up a football, and say, “Gentlemen, … Read more

Resolutions for a Revolution

Matthew 2.1–11 Christ-followers (disciples) are on a journey. Just like the “wise men” (magi), we too, are on a journey of seeking Christ. Not only do we seek Christ, we seek to learn from him, and to live like him. Luke 2.39–40 “If you stop learning, you will forget what you already know.” (Proverbs 19.27) … Read more

Follow the Star!

Matthew 2.1-12 There were a group of Magi or wisemen, sometimes referred to as kings, but they were not kings. They were probably from the court of a king, probably the King of Persia. But these Magi were actually astrologers – they studied the stars in the sky. And one bright and unusual star foretold … Read more