Adoption FAQs

Here are a few questions that keep coming up … and our responses.

Since we first announced that we were adopting a child (January 2007), it’s been interesting to hear what questions keep coming up. Here are a few:

“Have you heard anything about the baby yet?”
We hear this question often, mostly from people who don’t have access to this blog. Sometimes we go a few weeks without anything to share, so it makes sense for this question to come up every once in a while. Right now, we’re simply waiting. The next major news we expect is “referral,” which will include the name and photo of our prospective child. We expect/hope to have a referral by Christmas.

“Do you know if you’re getting a boy or a girl?”
This is another common question we receive from time to time. We now know that it’s virtually guaranteed that we will receive a boy. 80% of requests by South Koreans who wish to adopt are for girls. Currently families outside of South Korea who are waiting to adopt a girl are being asked to consider a boy instead.

“Why did you choose to adopt from outside the US?”
This question has been asked a few times. While at first we considered all of our options, it quickly became clear to us that international adoption was the direction God was leading us. We could give a list of reasons but it all comes down to a sense of God’s leading.

Well, we hope this answers a few of your questions. If you have other questions, click on comments and ask away! 🙂

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