Our Itinerary

Our itinerary is finally coming together. We will fly to Korea on Tuesday (2/5) and will return on Thursday of the following week (2/14).

That’s a day earlier than we were planning to go, but due to the holidays, we were not able to book a flight on 2/6 — we either had to go 2/5 or wait till 2/9. We decided to move it up a day!

It has taken us a few days to get our travel arrangements together, but we finally purchased our plane tickets through Northwest Airlines, using their using their adoption fares. Actually, the rate really wasn’t any better than what we could have gotten online (a good site that searches a number of flight search sites at once is kayak.com). But because we needed to to customize our flight arrangements (i.e. return with a baby), we needed to call the airline directly.

Unfortunately, our lodging is still up in the air, though. We hope to find out on Monday if our request to stay at the “guest house” (available for families adopting children) has been granted. If it’s not available, we’ll need to make other last-minute (and more expensive) arrangements.

Part of our challenge this week has been coordinating our visit with Rev. Jun, with whom we will be working on our cross-cultural experience. But we believe we have that schedule pretty well completed as well.

We are scheduled to arrive in Seoul, Korea on Wednesday night (Korea time). We will have Thursday through Saturday on our own — seeing the sites, experiencing the Lunar New Year holidays. On Sunday, we will worship with Rev. Jun and Flame Methodist Church. We expect to meet our son on Monday and spend a few hours with him at his foster family’s home.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be devoted mostly to our cross-cultural experience, and possibly hitting some shops that were closed during the holidays. Then, we will return on Thursday with our baby in our arms.

Well, that’s the plan. It certainly looks to be an adventurous time!

4 thoughts on “Our Itinerary”

  1. Sweetness!!!!! Have fun on your trip to Korea. We will all be thinking about you! And GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

  2. What an awesome Valentines Day for you, bringing home the new love in your life. That is so amazing how God works!. Blessings and safe travel and we will be praying.


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