The Takeaway

We are excited about going to see, meet, and receive our baby boy in Korea. However, there’s one part of this adventure that’s going to be difficult — the takeaway.

You see, Ethan (who doesn’t even know that his name is going to be “Ethan”) doesn’t know that in a couple days, two people on the other side of the world are going to board a plane, come to his country, and take him away from his home! 😥

We are grateful that the baby we’re adopting has been well-taken care of by a caring foster mother/family. In a loving environment, he has grown attached to them. As far as he is concerned, they are his family, and he is home. That will all change in several days when we carry him off and board a plane in Seoul to bring him home with us.

While we believe he will adjust and come to love us, too, the ugly part of this experience will be the period of time it takes Ethan to go from viewing us as kidnappers to viewing us as parents.

We would appreciate your prayers for this part of the journey. Please join us in praying that God will create a special place in Ethan’s heart for us, and that we will bond quickly, even during our first 18 hours together in airports and airplanes!

3 thoughts on “The Takeaway”

  1. Randy,

    Thank you for the sharing these details with the congregation this morning. I’m sure the congregation truly appreciated hearing what you and Joleen have been experiencing the past several days as well as your expectations leading up to Feb. 14th. What an exciting time this must be! Prayers are with you for safe travel to and from Korea and a smooth “takeaway” process. We will be anxious to meet Ethan.


  2. Thanks.

    Sonja’s comment reminds me of why we’ve been so outspoken about our adoption process. It’s not simply to inform people about OUR experience — that’s a bit too “reality TV” for me. 🙂

    Yeah, we want to keep friends and family updated. But we also want (1) our experience to be an opportunity to shape (and in some cases, change) people’s attitude toward, and understanding of, adoption, and (2) to be helpful for other couples on their own (or who are considering their own) adoption journeys by telling our story.


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