Christmas in February

Ethan’s absence was especially felt last Christmas. Christmas is such a special time for children, and because the time of our going to get Ethan was so close, we decided that in order for us (Randy and I) to survive the holiday, we would celebrate Christmas when Ethan was home with us.

So, we left the Christmas tree up, and we bought Ethan a special gift. The gift waited under the tree for Ethan’s arrival.

christmasinfebruaryYesterday my mom and step-dad came over and we celebrated Christmas. We had dinner together, we lit the tree, and Ethan opened his first gifts, with a little help from “mom” and “dad.” Ethan certainly didn’t need any help, though, playing with his new toys!

Yesterday also happened to be my mom’s birthday, but it kind of took a back seat. After my mom and step-dad left, I said to Randy, “We didn’t even take a picture of Mom, did we?” I doubt Mom thought much about it. She’s just happy to be “Grandma.”

We’re glad we waited, that we chose to celebrate Christmas in February!

3 thoughts on “Christmas in February”

  1. Merry Christmas Ethan! What an awesome idea 🙂 Thanks for posting the photo…Ethan is quite a handsome young man!!

  2. MERRY CHRISTMAS in February!! I think there is something Biblical about celebrating Christ’s birth all year long. What a wonderful picture of Ethan – he is adorable.
    Blessings to all,
    Jean and Dave

  3. And we are celebrating by more than giving Ethan gifts! Ethan received a board book, “My Merry Christmas And the real reason for Christmas joy.” It is for ages 3 and up, so a little too wordy for him right now. But Mom got him a DVD by baby faith entitled “God Made Christmas.” It is for 3-36 month-olds. We watched it last night. The story is very simplified with lots of great music and large colorful images interspersed. It’s 30 minutes long, so Ethan played with some other toys during the viewing, but occasionally sounds would attract him. And he did some “dancing” with some of the music! The DVD seems to be done very well for little ones. There are other DVDs available. See for more info.


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