Sometimes “tomorrow” is a bad word — “Instead of doing (fill-in-the-blank) today, I’ll do it tomorrow!” (i.e., procrastination). But, other times, tomorrow is an inspiring word. Tomorrow gives us the opportunity to dream, envision, and plan for the future. Tomorrow is an opportunity to take what we’ve learned yesterday and today and apply it on … Read more

The Move 2.0

Picking up where I left off in The Move 1.0, we arrived in Clearfield just before 6:30 am, Thursday, and the movers showed up a few minutes later. Overall, it was a pretty smooth day of unloading. But the tragic news of the day here in Clearfield took place at Trinity UMC, where a shooting … Read more

The Move 1.0

I wanted to write this post yesterday but as you’ll soon discover that wasn’t much of an option! On Tuesday (the day before our loading day), we got up around 6:30 am to finish packing. We knew we had a good day’s work ahead of us, but we didn’t know we had *that* much work … Read more

Goodbyes are hard!

Sunday was a day of saying goodbye. We spent our final Sunday worshiping with, and teaching, the people we have been serving in our current ministry appointments. It was an emotionally intense day. We’re grateful for the time we’ve had here in the Juniata Valley and Huntingdon areas, for the people we’ve had the honor … Read more

Packing Report

Less than 3 weeks ago, I wrote It’s Time to Pack. While packing has progressed fairly slowly, we have made some real headway in the last few days. On Tuesday, Mary Ayers came to the house and spent the day entertaining and caring for Ethan while we packed. It was a cool day so we … Read more

Ethan’s Baptism

Last Sunday, we had Ethan baptized in a special service in the afternoon so people from all of our churches could be invited, and both Randy and I could be there. 🙂 We were grateful that both sets of Ethan’s grandparents were able to be with us. (Randy’s parents traveled from Tennessee just for the … Read more

The Missing Slideshow

Ethan was baptized Sunday (we’ll say more about that in another post). We intended to include a slideshow presentation at the beginning of the service, showing photos from the last 4 months. Unfortunately, I was not able to get it to work. I’m not exactly sure what was wrong. My Apple PowerBook detected the projector, … Read more

Ethan’s 1-year Doctor Appointment

The one-year doctor appointment is not fun. It means at least four shots, one in each leg, one in each arm. This was on top of Ethan having a slight cold (cough and runny nose). I think we were all worn out from Annual Conference and then we came home from air conditioned buildings to … Read more

Happy Birthday, Ethan!

Ethan turned 1 year old on Sunday, June 8, 2008. We celebrated Ethan’s birthday at Grandma’s house along with family and friends. The highlight of the day was watching Ethan dig into his first birthday cake (see photos below)! This is a good time to remember the gift Ethan is to us — how God … Read more


Tired, sleep-deprived, and worn out. That’s an odd way to begin a post called “Re-energized!” But while annual conference is physically tiring (and not just annual conference, but annual conference with a baby for the first time), it is still very energizing, spiritually and missionally! Of course, while spending hours together with a community of … Read more