Packing Report

Less than 3 weeks ago, I wrote It’s Time to Pack. While packing has progressed fairly slowly, we have made some real headway in the last few days.

On Tuesday, Mary Ayers came to the house and spent the day entertaining and caring for Ethan while we packed. It was a cool day so we spent a lot of time going through boxes and stuff in the attic (which can be a pretty hot place sometimes). And, after dinner with Ethan, Joann McCrum took Ethan for a walk while we did some more packing before EBT (our acronym for “Ethan’s Bed Time,” which we usually use when talking about what things we need to get done after Ethan goes to bed). Anyway, Tuesday was a very productive day.

Ethan spent Thursday at his grandmother’s house in Williamsburg, so, after spending the morning preparing for Sunday, we were able to get some more packing done in the afternoon.

We have Friday through Tuesday to complete our packing. And, to get it done, we’ll have to work around several activities — a Juniata Valley Ministerium farewell picnic for us, a 70th wedding anniversary for Joleen’s great uncle/aunt, a graduation party for Joleen’s step-nephew, and some visits with people before we complete our ministries here. On top of all that, this Sunday will be our last one here. It looks to be a pretty intense several days!

We’ve got a long way to go, but, fortunately …

  • Our house is filling up with packed boxes
  • We are donating a lot of items that we no longer use to ES Ministries Thrift Store, a ministry that grew out of Joleen’s charge which operates in one of Faith UMC’s buildings (the one in Mooresville)
  • We are throwing away a lot of other stuff that isn’t worth donating
  • We will drop off a bunch of cardboard boxes (mostly shipping boxes that we’ve collected over the last several years that are too small to be used for packing) at the recycling drop-off spot in Pine Grove Mills (where we regularly drop off plastics, metal cans, glass bottles, and cardboard)
  • Several larger items are sitting in our front yard with “for sale” signs on them (desk and chair, grill, coffee and end tables, and an exercise bike) with all proceeds going to E.S. Ministries

Just a couple quick observations (things that you probably already know!) …

  1. It’s amazing how much stuff we hang onto that we never use (and probably never will)!
  2. It’s amazing how hard it is to throw some stuff away, even stuff that we never use (and probably never will)!

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