Ethan's First VBS
Ethan’s First VBS
Ethan attended his first night of Vacation Bible School Monday at West Side. The ages really begin at three years of age, so I stayed with him and we joined the preschool class. He did very well.

The theme is a beach theme, and during the opening songs when the kids were “surfing,” he put his hands up in the air, attempting the motions. Craft time was painting; Mommy opted out of that one. 🙂 Ethan watched the kids play games and got to throw the beach ball a couple of times (with it landing right at his feet.)

Ethan sat around the table with all the other boys and girls in his own little seat, listening to the story about Gideon. He got a bottle that each night the kids will add a memory verse and trinket. I was so impressed when Ethan put his trinket, a fish, in the bottle all by himself!

He’s pictured with his fish he could bring home. The children colored their fish. Ethan tried to put the crayon in his mouth more than he tried to color, but he did color a few light strokes all by himself.

Sometimes I look at him in amazement at how he’s growing up so quickly. He is 13 months old today.

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