Loose Reunion

Saturday, July 26 was the Loose Reunion. Loose is pronounced with a long o, as in “low.” My maternal grandmother, Sara Aurandt, was a Loose.

There are now only two surviving siblings from that generation — my great aunt Esther Strayer who lives in Newport, PA whose health prevented her from coming this year, and my great uncle John Loose who lives in Martinsburg with his wife Beulah.

Until last year the reunion was held at the Beagle Club just outside Williamsburg. My mother hosted the reunion again this year at her home in rural Williamsburg. As you can see by the pictures, food and conversation are the main stay of the gathering.

This was Ethan’s first family reunion. He and my cousin Kevin’s twins got to “play” together again for a bit (read about the first time here). The twins are just two weeks older than he. Ethan also let his great great uncle John hold him.

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