“What’s That?”

Without question, Ethan’s most used words are in the phrase, “What’s that?” He asks that question over and over when we first see him each morning (and throughout the day).

Earlier this week, I thought I should try to count how many times he says it in the morning. So on Friday, I tried to keep up, but I lost count somewhere in the 30s. And that was in the first couple minutes!

Wanting to encourage curiosity, I often asked Ethan, “What’s that?” in our earliest days together. It was intentional. More than two months before we received Ethan, we wrote about the kind of culture we wanted to create in our home.

The second part of that series was on shaping a learning culture. In that post, we talked about curiosity, hunger for learning, and asking questions.

Watching Ethan observe the world around him is quite an amazing thing to experience!

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