Gas Prices

As we headed out of PA toward TN, we expected to see cheaper gas prices. After leaving Clearfield, we filled up in Hagerstown, paying $1.89/gallon, down 10 cents/gallon from prices just borth of the PA/MD border.

As we continued driving south, gas prices continued to drop as well, to $1.78/gallon, and finally to $1.69/gallon. Since arriving here in Cleveland, we’ve seen prices as low as $1.63.

After seeing $4/gallon not too long ago, the lower prices are a welcome change. But with the current state of the global economy, who knows where gas prices are headed!

1 thought on “Gas Prices”

  1. When we left Clearfield a week and a half ago, local gas prices were $2.17. When we got home last Friday, they were $1.93.

    We’re glad they’re that low, but $1.93 sounds high after paying $1.59 on the way home! 🙄


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