One of the Lucky Ones

Last night, Joleen, Ethan, and I went to Seoul Korean Restaurant, an authentic Korean restaurant in Chattanooga, TN. You can read their story at You can also read about our last visit to an authentic Korean restaurant here.

We met one of the co-owners, Kye Cha Paris, who was very helpful. She really enjoyed meeting and interacting with Ethan. She brought Ethan a plate full of rice noodles a couple times (interestingly, the host at the Korean restaurant in Carlisle also brought Ethan extra food).

More than once, Kye Cha Paris called Ethan “one of the lucky ones.”

Quite frankly, we’ve always been a little uncomfortable with those kinds of comments. We normally respond, like we did this time, with something like, “We’re the lucky ones too.” Sure, we hope and trust that Ethan is blessed/fortunate to have us, but we are certain that we are blessed to have him!

Anyway, we enjoyed our dinner and highly recommend the restaurant to anyone in the area!

3 thoughts on “One of the Lucky Ones”

  1. Cool a korean resturant in Chat. We were in Chatt last night. We actaullay met some friends at PF Changs! They had their adopted daughter with them. It was fun. Once our son is home we will have to be adventurous and find some korean places to try.

  2. While my cousin was in China adopting their first little girl people would come up to him and point to the child and say, “Lucky baby.” Kerry’s reply was like yours, “lucky us.”


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