Paperwork to Korea

Earlier this month, on Mother’s Day actually, we announced that we are adopting again. We learned today that our paperwork was mailed to Korea yesterday. Now the wait for a referral begins (which will be our next major announcement)!

Last time around, we received the referral of Ethan about two months after our paperwork went to Korea. Currently, referrals are taking anywhere from two to five months, we’re told.

Last time around, we blogged about adoption and becoming parents. This time, we may not have as much to process personally, but one area we’ll try to write about when we get a chance is the aspect of adopting again.

Also, at some point, we’ll try to blog about international adoption, from the perspective of parents of a child (or children) from Korea. I don’t think we’ve really done that in the (nearly) 16 months we’ve had Ethan.

Otherwise, if you have questions about adoption (including international adoption), feel free to write a response below!

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