Leadership & Self-Care

Self-care is important for all of us. It’s certainly important for leaders — people who influence and model life for others!

If we don’t care for ourselves — body, mind, and soul — we will have less to give to and for others.

Businesses and organizations are discovering this reality, partly in response to the rising costs of health care. A recent article at Time.com describes the interest some companies are gaining in helping their people become more fit and healthy.

Even though I have long believed in the importance of self-care, I was still blown away by the results IBM has seen in just the last three years. According to Joyce Young, IBM’s director of wellness, they have saved around $100 million due to the improved health and fitness of their employees.

The Time.com article mentions the Virgin HealthMiles rewards program that I’ve blogged recently. The health insurance plan of the UMC that our conference is participating in, offers membership in the HealthMiles program.

You can read my most recent posts here and here, as well as Racking Up HealthMiles, which has been one of the most popular posts in recent weeks.

Health care costs are high among pastors in our conference. It will be interesting see what kind of results we experience — not only to save money (although that’s important, too, from a stewardship perspective), but so that we will be able to offer more effective ministry, for longer!

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