Time Zone Adjustment

We arrived home with our baby girl one week ago today. And Sarah seems to be making the transition to the Eastern Time Zone pretty quickly! Overall, it’s been a pretty smooth transition. But we expect one of the biggest challenges ahead to be related to Sarah’s sleep (as it was for Ethan). In addition … Read more

Halloween 2009

It’s been a fun week with Sarah in our family, albeit it challenging one (due to cultural, sibling, time zone adjustments). Our first week together at home included Halloween. One of Joleen’s concerns as October neared was that we might miss Ethan’s first experience of trick-or-treating. Ethan was with us last year for Halloween 2008, … Read more

The Joy and Grief of Growing a Family

We’ve been thinking a lot lately about the effects of growing our family from three to four. Bringing home a child is a tremendous joy, of course, but because it also brings change, there is always some loss which results in grief. It’s sorta strange to use the word “grief” to talk about the joy … Read more

Photos from Korea

During our few days in Korea last week, we took well over 100 photos. Below are 18 of them. For more, see the the photos we posted from our recent trips to Korea (2008 and 2009). Since we had taken photos during our first trip, we tried to take different photos this time around, including … Read more

Pray for Ethan and Sarah

This is a post I was hoping *not* to repeat! Twenty-four hours after we got home with Ethan in February 2008, Joleen and I got the flu (in my case, it was the worst that I remember having). We wrote, Pray for Ethan, with the hopes that he wouldn’t get sick. And he didn’t. Yesterday, … Read more

Fluid Situation

My favorite posts to write are the ones that almost write themselves. They’re fairly short and to-the-point and they come together quickly (in fact, my favorite posts on the blog are 1,000 Words and Introducing … Sarah!, neither of which include any words, only a single photo each). This is not one of those posts. … Read more

It’s Good to Be Home!

We arrived home late this afternoon, 25 hours after getting up this morning in Seoul, Korea. Everything went as scheduled, and getting through immigration in Korea or customs in the US was a very smooth process. Sarah handled the trip very well, in spite of some pretty heavy and lengthy turbulence during the flight. Sarah’s … Read more

Homeward Bound!

It’s 6:45 a.m. in Korea and we’ll soon be on our way home! Once Sarah got to sleep last night (which took a while), she slept all night long (which is better than Joleen and I did!). She woke up a few minutes ago and is content to hang out in the crib while we … Read more

First Hours with Sarah

A lot has happened in the last few days. We’ve introduced our new baby girl, Sarah, to the world, shortly after meeting her, ourselves. We’ve written about the beginning of Sarah’s transition into our family (which will continue over the weeks and months to come), continued in a post about being ready to go home. … Read more

Staying Connected to Ethan

In A Labor of Love we tell of the DVD that Randy and I made for Ethan to watch while we are away. We hoped it would be a good thing, and not make him sad. We tried to make most of it fun, along with our bedtime routine. I’ve been staying in touch with … Read more