A Labor of Love

Much of our focus in recent days, especially since we got the call that our baby girl is ready for travel, has been on the trip and the second adoption. But as I wrote earlier, we are filled with mixed emotions because we will be separated from Ethan for several days and 7,000 miles.

On the one hand, we think the trip will go fairly quickly for us. We lose 12 hours on the way to Korea and then our three full days in Korea could go very quickly — meeting the baby in her foster home, experiencing as much as we can during our free time, and getting the baby (presumably) sometime Friday afternoon before flying home Saturday.

To help Ethan (at least to remember us!), we are making a DVD for him to watch while we are away. The DVD will consist of several clips of Mommy and Daddy reading familiar books/stories and Bible stories (which is part of our normal evening routine). Some clips were recorded while Ethan napped, while Ethan appears in others. There’s a clip of Mommy and Ethan drumming and a clip of Daddy and Ethan going through a series of sounds/syllables we’ve put together over the months.

The DVD also includes a (nearly) 5-minute music video consisting of a bunch of video clips from the time we brought Ethan home until today, accompanied by one of Ethan and Daddy’s songs, “You Never Let Go” (by Matt Redman).

It’s a labor of love especially since we’ve never created a DVD or done any video editing. But, after having given up a little sleep, I think we’re going to be able to do it (using iMovie for the editing and iDVD for burning the DVD).

We hope Ethan will enjoy watching it at least as much as we’ve enjoyed doing it for him!

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