“Did you preach?”

Both Joleen and I are halfway through our 10-week parental leaves (which has included 2 weeks of vacation time to cover the trip to Korea and post-trip time zone adjustment).

Ethan has apparently noticed that things are a bit different around here these days. A few times, Ethan has asked one of us, “Did you preach?”

He usually has asks Mommy, but yesterday, he asked me. Having only heard me preach a couple times, he probably has less of a sense of what I do on Sunday mornings.

But the question raises the issue of routine. Even though we have this time off, we are trying to maintain as much routine with Ethan as possible (meals, naps, bedtime), while at the same time, trying to establish a new rhythm/routine with the addition of Sarah.

It’s also reminds us to be grateful to God for his call upon our lives, as parents and as preachers.

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