Memorial Day 2010

Spent the afternoon today at Grammy and Pappy’s in Williamsburg, PA. Good holiday, but naps were scarce. Sarah had a short nap at Grammy and Pappy’s, but Ethan delayed his nap until the trip home; Sarah got a short nap on the way home, too. The kids must be tired — so far, they’re sleeping … Read more

Developing the Discipline of Determination

One of the main reasons I went all out in the Health Flex HealthMiles Challenge was simply to see what I could do and to put myself to the (physical and mental) test. Going all out every day required me to push through some challenges along the way, including … Getting up 29 mornings between … Read more

Cutting Through the Noise

When we were in Washington D.C. for the GBCS seminar last month, we met with a staffer in Senator Robert Casey’s office who, on a particular issue, said it was good to receive our input because they “hear so much noise,” much of it negative. This idea has stuck with me. The noise describes all … Read more

Adoption Adventures Slideshow

We put together a slideshow for the reception time following Sarah’s baptism a week and a half ago. You can watch it here …

God Works in the Summer, Too!

Here’s my latest finance letter for West Side … Summer is upon us! Some days we can feel it in the warm sunshine and some days we wonder as we experience the cool rain and blustery winds. One day I was in eastern PA and we traveled from balmy eighty degree temperatures to an icy … Read more

Learning to Share

As any parent knows, learning to share is a challenging process. We’ve been pretty laid-back about it because it’s something that will develop over time. However, bringing Sarah into our family has brought it to the forefront a bit more! Sharing is one of those things that’s difficult for all children to learn. In fact, … Read more

Sarah’s Baptism

Last Saturday, Sarah was baptized. Saturday evening baptisms are unusual, but we scheduled a time other than Sunday morning so that both of us, as well as people from both of our congregations, could attend (Ethan’s Baptism took place on a Sunday afternoon). Sarah did well. Ethan was wired, thanks in part to skipping his … Read more

Things I Don’t Want to Regret

Today, I caught bits and pieces of the free online leadership event from Leadership Network called, Sage. The event involved a number of brief videos from seasoned leaders, each dealing with the question of what they’d do differently if given a do-over. I tweeted some of my favorite quotes. Since I only caught bits and … Read more

Adrenaline Hangover

Yesterday, the first day after the 2010 HealthFlex HealthMiles Challenge (a program of Virgin HealthMiles through our health insurance program), I experienced an “adrenaline hangover” (I’ve written before about a pastor’s hangover, which is probably a form of an adrenaline hangover). I was able to hit the daily limit of 30,000 steps/day for each day … Read more

Ethanisms 2.0

While Sarah’s language development is just getting started, Ethan’s is taking off. A week ago, I wrote about Ethan’s language development, but since then, I have remembered and/or caught several new ones. Yesterday, Ethan, who will be three in less than a month, sensed the excitement in the air regarding Sarah’s baptism last night (which … Read more