Desperate Preachers 3.0

This is another revision of my preaching prayer guide (see Desperate Preachers 1.0 and 2.0). It undergoes revisions every week.

Since the last post, I’ve gone from phrases to keywords, which gives more freedom. So, for what it’s worth here’s the latest desperate preacher’s prayer guide …

Lord, prepare me to communicate your message to change the world! Thanks!

Lord, prepare me …
Surrender. Yield. Humble. Available. All. Desperate. Clean hands. Pure heart. Armor. In tune. Fill me. Consume me.

To communicate your message …
Conduit. Connector. Courage. Truth-teller. Obedient. Biblical. Clear. Focused. Concise. Passionate. Fire.

To change the world!
Penetrate hearts. Plant seeds. Stir up. Break up. Tear down. Build up. Draw out. Produce fruit. Awaken. Revive. Renew. Transform.

Thank you for what you are doing and for what you will do!

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