Bracing for a Storm

The storm that’s headed this way has been a popular topic of discussion for our group ever since we met in Harrisburg on Sunday for our orientation; in fact, the intensity seems to be increasing as the hours go by. As we go to sleep Monday night, there is a winter storm watch here in … Read more

A Glimpse of New York City

Today was our first full day in New York City. We are here for the Global Ministries seminar. We spent most of the day at the General Board of Global Ministries learning about what the UMC does around the world. It was a great day (we’ll reflect on what we’re learning later when we have … Read more

New York, New York!

Yesterday, I wrote 4 Details About Our Trip to New York. Earlier today, we drove to Harrisburg to meet up with the group from our conference going to the General Board of Global Ministries seminar. We arrived in New York City this evening, walked to the subway station to get passes for our time here, … Read more

4 Details About Our Trip to New York

Tomorrow, Joleen and I travel to New York City for a seminar at the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church that begins Monday and ends Wednesday. Here are four details about the trip … 1. This trip is required for ordination. Last year, we visited the General Board of Church and … Read more


The importance of reading to children is well-documented and I think it’s something we do pretty well in our home. It certainly helps that both Ethan and Sarah love books! Of course, our evening family devotion time involves reading children’s Bible story books. But also on most afternoons these days, when one of us takes … Read more


Joleen and I have taken a lot of photos during our years together. We bought ourselves a Pentax camera for Christmas in 1993, which was actually three weeks before we were married. In October 2005, we finally bought our first digital camera, another Pentax. We upgraded that camera with a Canon Powershot S5 IS in … Read more

Family Devotion

Our daily schedules are not the most routine, but one of the devotional habits that we practice pretty consistently is our evening family devotional time (the four of us when we’re all home; otherwise, it’s one of us and the two kids, depending on evening meeting schedule). When it’s time, we head upstairs and get … Read more

“This We Believe”

In preparation for writing our Theology Papers (responses to the theological questions in the Book of Discipline) for ordination in the UMC, we did some reading in the area of Wesleyan theology. One of the books we read was Bishop William Willimon‘s This We Believe: The Core of Wesleyan Faith and Practice (you can read … Read more

Wesley’s Historic Questions

In my recent post, 150 Days of Preparation for Ordination, I listed a few things I’d like to read/reflect on between now and ordination in June. I’m adding John Wesley’s historic questions to the list. These questions, found in The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church (2008) have been asked of those being … Read more

Game Night

Tonight, we watched the Steelers play in the AFC Championship game. Well, actually, the kids went to bed at their usual bedtime which was just before halftime. But before they did, they got to do a little cheering (there was a lot more cheering to do in the first half, anyway). They also got to … Read more