Recovery Time at the Bishop’s Retreat

One thing we’re slowly learning is that it takes time to recover from major stressful legs of the journey. The most recent stressful leg of our journey was working toward the monumental milestone of last week’s deadline for our ordination work. Fortunately, the Bishop’s Retreat, which I wrote about last week, came at just the right time (it started this evening).

We left yesterday after lunch and got in last evening after a 3-hour trip plus 1-hour stop for dinner. Ethan and Sarah are a little sleep deprived (but they’re doing well, overall). Tomorrow’s schedule begins fairly early (especially for Sarah).

Today, we had the whole day together until this evening’s opening session. The kids are in child care during the four sessions (tonight, tomorrow morning and evening, and Wednesday morning) but we’ll have extended time together tomorrow afternoon (lunch through dinner).

Based on tonight’s opening session, this retreat will be a soul-feeding time. Rev. Grace Imathiu, the guest speaker, did a nice job with the story of the “prodigal son.” It was very inspirational, and the most creative telling of the story I’ve ever heard. As a follower of Jesus, it was encouraging. As a student and communicator of God’s Word, it was also very challenging.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s sessions.

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