4 Details About Our Trip to New York

Tomorrow, Joleen and I travel to New York City for a seminar at the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church that begins Monday and ends Wednesday.

Here are four details about the trip …

1. This trip is required for ordination. Last year, we visited the General Board of Church and Society, which has since been dropped from the list of requirements for ordination in our conference.

2. We will gain a greater understanding of what the UMC does in the world. We’re looking forward to learning more about what the UMC does in and around the world. Tuesday will be spent visiting a variety of churches in the area.

3. We will enjoy New York City. We will have Monday and Tuesday evenings free to take in the culture. We’ll probably see a show on Broadway (around the corner from where we’re staying) and another activity on the other night. Koreatown is located nearby so that’s an option.

4. We will miss the kids. We look forward to our time in New York City but we’ll miss the kids. This will be the longest we’ve ever been separated from Sarah and the longest from Ethan since we went to Korea to get Sarah 15 months ago. Ethan was 28 months old then; Sarah is almost 23 months old now. Like last time, I’m creating a DVD for the kids to watch while we’re gone. It will include some of the videos we’ve shot in the last year or so.

We’re taking a camera and a laptop so hopefully we’ll be able to blog from New York.

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