Clear the Way!

This post is part of the Common English Bible Tour.

The prophet Isaiah proclaimed …

A voice is crying out: “Clear the LORD’s way in the desert! Make a level highway in the wilderness for our God! Every valley will be raised up, and every mountain and hill will be flattened. Uneven ground will become level, and rough terrain a valley plain. The LORD’s glory will appear, and all humanity will see it together; the LORD’s mouth has commanded it.” (Isaiah 40.3-5, CEB)

This year when I decorated for Christmas, I removed other pictures and decorations from the end tables to make room for Christmas decorations. One woman told me she had to move two chairs to make room for her Christmas tree, all by herself.

How will we prepare for the coming of Christ? What do we have to move in our hearts and lives to make room for the coming of Christ? This month, in particular, what do you need to give yourself permission NOT to do so that you can have time for spiritual preparation?

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