God, Give Me a Heart Like Yours!

One of the children’s books the kids have enjoyed over the last several months is Hermie, a Common Caterpillar, by Max Lucado (there’s also a DVD).

Basically, Hermie, and his friend, Wormie, feel bad about being common caterpillars and keep asking God why they have to be so common. God keeps reminding them that he’s not finished with them yet, and that he’s giving them a heart like his.

Ethan was the first to pick up on the phrase, which helped me to pick up on it, too. One morning, when Ethan was going out the door to preschool, Sarah said, “Have a good day!” Ethan thought of a good response, and said, “I’ll give you a heart like mine.” Not quite the right application, but we learned that the phrase was making an impact.

More recently, I was praying with Sarah one morning. I finished the prayer, “God, give us a heart like yours.” Sarah added, “And Hermie, too.”

A few weeks ago, I suggested this prayer as an application in one of my sermons. I think it’s a good prayer for us to pray (it’s even made it into my desperate preacher’s prayer guide).

God, give us a heart like yours!

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