No Questions in Heaven

I’ve said during a couple different worship services in recent years, there’ll be no questions in heaven … only gratitude!

That’s certainly not to make light of the questions we have now or the difficulties any of us face. Certainly, in this life, there are many, many questions, many things we simply don’t or can’t understand.

But many times, we say things like, “When I get to heaven, I’m going to ask God (insert question here).” The implication is, there’s something I’m not really happy about and God has to answer to me. God owes me an explanation!

But when we get to heaven, the past will be the past. The years, even decades, we spend on the planet, will be no more than “a drop in the bucket” compared to eternity. The moment we reach heaven, there will be no looking back, no tears, no questions … only gratitude. We’ll be grateful because we’re in heaven, and because God is faithful. And perhaps those who’ve had the most difficult journeys will be the most grateful!

In heaven, there will be no questions. Only gratitude!

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