Community Day 2005: Authentic Community

It’s great to be with all of you today at the Shaver’s Creek Community Building where the six United Methodist congregations, representing hundreds of years of ministry here in the Juniata Valley, are gathering for a special day of worship and fellowship. Community From early on in our planning, we knew we wanted to focus … Read more

Get Focused: Christ First

Colossians 1. 1.15-23 What moves you?Do you have a passion for something? A hobby, sport, … Do you have something that moves you emotionally: that gets you excited, pumped up, (or triggers disappointment, anger?) On our way home from a youth event, we stopped at a McDonald’s for dinner. The last 5 minutes of the … Read more

Get Focused 2: Christ First

Colossians 1.15-23 [New English Translation] Is Jesus first in your life now? If he isn’t, what’s keeping him from being first in your life? Paul’s letter to the Christ-followers in Colossae has a lot to say to us about putting Christ first in our lives. Colossians 1.15-20 is believed to have been a hymn that … Read more

Get Focused: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Colossians 1.1-14 Bible BasicsPaul, the authorWrote 13 letters (epistles) etters to the churches. The churches were located in different cities and the letters take their name from the people of that city. This letter is to the city of Colossae, and the people of that city are know as Colossians. The letter is ddressed to … Read more

Get Focused 1: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Read Colossians 1.1-14 in the New English Translation (NET). Today, we begin a new series called, “Get Focused!” I believe that’s the message from the New Testament book of Colossians. The Christians in the city of Colossae, influenced by their culture, added non-Christian beliefs to their faith and practice. Paul writes a letter in response … Read more

Journey through the Psalms 5: The Lord is My Shepherd

Today, we wrap up our journey through the Psalms. We’ve been talking about psalms of orientation, psalms of disorientation, and psalms of new orientation. Psalms of new orientation express a confidence in God as the source of new orientation. The experience of the past causes the rejoicing of the present which leads to confidence of … Read more