Climb: My One Word for 2022

It may be little late in the year (July), but it’s never too late to reflect on my One Word for the year. Each year since 2013, I have chosen One Word for the year to inspire me to move forward in a focused way. This is my 10th year!

I started this discipline shortly after hearing about it from Jon Gordon. I enjoy the process of choosing a One Word. Sometimes, I find my word quickly; other times, it is a struggle. But it’s always worth it.

My first word in 2013 was Cultivate. One of my favorites was Chase (2014). Another favorite was Energize (2016), which was the inspiration for my last post.

Perhaps the strangest, most interesting word was Neuroplasticity (2018), which was helpful for the first year after my stroke. The next year was Persevere (2019), and Trust was particularly appropriate with everything that began in 2020. Last year was Courageous (2021).

This year, I really felt the need to make some major strides. So, for 2022, I chose the word, Climb.

In terms of my physical recovery after the stroke, I had a good couple of years. I knew the move in 2020 was going to be a challenge, and the pandemic certainly didn’t help!

Well, we’re over halfway through the year, but there are some good signs with exercise/therapy and in my energy level/endurance. I’m also excited about some recent developments with my sermon preparation (which I will write about later).

Of course, there will always be room to grow and areas that I want to improve. But I am grateful that I still get to climb. Thanks be to God!

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