Courageous: My One Word for 2021

So, I should have written this at the beginning of 2021, but at least it’s a chance to check in part way into the year!

I have been choosing a One Word each year since 2013 thanks to Jon Gordon (see some previous words: Train, Chase). My word choices have been particularly meaningful since my stroke in Sep. 2017, including Neuroplasticity (2018), Perseverance (2019), and Trust (2020).

This year, I chose Courageous!

Choosing a One Word is always an interesting experience. Sometimes it comes quickly; other times, not so much. Last year, my word came to me two days before Christmas—the word Trust. We had just learned that we would be moving in 2021. Of course, it was also on the eve of the global pandemic, so Trust was an especially good word for 2020 (and beyond)!

While the 2020 One Word came easily enough, 2021 was a different story. I contemplated many words over many days, and finally settled on Courageous on New Year’s Eve!

Interestingly, this is the first year that I chose an adjective. I am not thinking of it as a current description, but a description that I want to live into. Basically, I hope to be more courageous by the end of the year than I am today!

I hope that by keeping this word in front of me that I will be inspired to act with courage as much as possible. Psalm 27.14 (NLT) may help …

Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.

What One Word did you choose for 2021? Or, if you didn’t choose one, what word might you choose for the rest of the year, a word that God might use in your life to transform you and propel you forward, spiritually?

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