Warm hearts. Holy people. Guarded doors.

A few days ago I said that I’d blog some reflections on our reading of Methodist history, some serious, some less serious. This is the less serious one. Today, the popular slogan of The United Methodist Church … Open hearts. Open minds. Open doors. That slogan came to mind when we read a statement that … Read more

Wesley & Change

John Wesley wrote a document (a letter) called A Plain Account of the People Called Methodists, written in 1748. In part of it, Wesley addresses various objections he faced at the time. One of the objections Wesley addresses relates to the classes he had recently developed. Wesley quotes the objector: There were no such meetings … Read more

Cloud of Methodist Witnesses

In the last few weeks, Joleen and I have been hard at work (as I alluded to in recent posts) working on studies in United Methodist history and doctrine (we had completed the polity part awhile back). We finished yesterday and while our heads are still swirling (almost literally, we probably covered a semester’s, or … Read more