Outrageous Generosity

I recently came across a new author and speaker, Margaret Feinberg. I am currently reading one of her books, The Organic God. When I first discovered her, an audio file on her website caught my attention, entitled “Outrageously Generous.” Fienberg states that in Malachi 2.11, God says he loves the temple. In John 3.16, the … Read more

HealthFlex HealthMiles Challenge Recap

As I wrote in mid-July, there was a big HealthMiles challenge open to the members of HealthFlex, the health insurance plan of The United Methodist Church. In all, more than 2,800 participants logged more than 709,581,760 total steps during the 29-day challenge. The challenge sponsors set a 30,000-step daily limit, and a number of us … Read more

Please & Thank You

In the last few weeks, some of Ethan’s favorite words/phrases, surprisingly enough, have been “Please” (pronounced “peas”), “Thank you,” “Excuse me” (pronounced “scoos me”), and, to a lesser degree (or at least more recent), “Sorry” (pronounced “sar-you”). Ethan has been using “please” the longest. Awhile back, Ethan learned to add “please” to “more” when he … Read more

Transformational Leadership

I have been thinking about “transformational leadership” in terms of three keywords: Character, Culture, and Perseverance. (1) Character Our character is our foundation. It involves our spiritual/devotional life, our connection to God. This is who we are, and who we are is foundational to what we do. Transformational leaders seek to build strong Christ-like character … Read more

It’s a Girl!

We announced 3 months ago that we are adopting again. Last Wednesday, we received a referral of a baby girl from Korea — up to two months earlier than expected! On Friday, we met with our caseworker to receive and review a packet of info including a description of the child, family history, medical information, … Read more

2009 Fair Vespers Prayer

Iwrote a prayer for the Clearfield County Fair Vespers services, which took place this evening. The prayer was a response to Jesus’ prayer in John 17. Here’s the prayer, along with words from John 17 that I was specifically responding to (the parenthetical statement, “Make us one,” was a response by the congregation) …. Quotes … Read more