Engage & Disengage

The phrase, “Engage and disengage,” has been part of my vocabulary since I first heard it during orientation weekend for Asbury Theological Seminary’s D.Min. program back in January 2004. The phrase came from Dr. Anthony Headley. The idea is, our lives must include rest, as well as work. We must not only engage (work), but … Read more

God, Give Me a Heart Like Yours! 2.0

Recently, I’ve been writing about my need to manage stress more effectively (see 3 Steps I’m Taking to Manage Stress Better and God’s Crushings). While journaling the other day, I reflected on a prayer I’ve been praying for at least the few months: “God, give me a heart like yours!” The prayer is based on … Read more

God’s Crushings

Last month, I wrote 3 Steps I’m Taking to Manage Stress Better (one additional step was the vacation that ended yesterday). In the days ahead, I will be writing more about my experiences and learnings over the last five weeks, starting with this one. This morning, while praying, I remembered listening to Chuck Swindoll’s talk … Read more

Great Pastors Don’t Build Great Churches

Over the years, some statements I’ve heard or read have stuck with me. One statement I read sometime around twenty years ago, I believe came from a book by James E. Means, Leadership in Christian Ministry (1989). The statement, as I recall, was … Great pastors don’t build great churches. Great pastors build great people, … Read more

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