Covenant Renewal

In today’s worship time, we conducted John Wesley’s Covenant Service. It was a special time where Christ followers committed (and/or re-committed) their lives to God! We experienced God’s presence in a special way, and I pray that it was indeed a defining moment for each of us personally, and for us a community of faith.

Scripture reading in the service included: Isaiah 43.1–7; Jeremiah 31.31–34; and Hebrews 8:4-13

We’ve been talking about “revolutionary discipleship.” I believe discipleship is either revolutionary or it is nothing. Revolutionary disciples are ordinary people who have responded to Christ’s revolutionary call to follow.

We’ve also been reflecting on those awesome words – perhaps the most awesome words in Scripture – “Follow me.” In spite of what we’ve done; in spite of who we are, God still invites us to follow, to have a personal relationship with God, and to walk with God at all times.

1 Peter 2.9–11


When we respond to God’s call, and follow God, we make a covenant (agreement) with God. Throughout history, God has made covenant with people. One example …

Joshua 24.14-28

And God continues to enter into covenant with people. Jesus said, “You did not choose me. I chose you and sent you out to produce fruit, the kind of fruit that will last” (John 15.16).

Are you following Christ today? Are you following Christ with all of your heart? Are you a fully devoted, passionate follower of Jesus?

In the book, “The Disciple Making Church,” Glen MacDonald lists the marks of a disciple:

  • A heart for Christ alone
  • A mind transformed by the Word
  • Arms of love
  • Knees for prayer
  • A voice to speak the Good News
  • A spirit of servanthood and stewardship.

Do you look like that? Are you growing so that you’re looking more and more like Christ each day?

At the end of our worship time today, we read through the “reaffirmation of the baptismal covenant” and “the great thanksgiving,” and concluded the day by kneeling, praying, and signing our covenants at the altar, then “remembering our baptism” at the baptismal font, and celebrating communion. It was a powerful time.

Afterward, I read those awesome words at the end of the reaffirmation of the baptismal covenant: “The Holy Spirit work within you, that having been born through water and the Spirit, you may live as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. Amen.”

I am excited about the things God will do through these water—and Spirit-born revolutionary disciples of Christ here in the Juniata Valley!

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