CPC 2005 Annual Conference

Today, the lay member from our charge and I, shared our thoughts
and reflections on Annual Conference, which took place during the last
three days.

This year’s theme is "Claiming God’s frontiers across central
Pennsylvania … and beyond!" It builds on the theme from the last few
years of "building bridges." Now that we have built bridges, it’s time
to move to the other side and claim God’s frontiers!

This was, by far, the best Annual Conference I have ever been to. I
left saying, "Wow!" It felt like campmeeting, to use an old Methodist
term. God’s presence was evident, and I left spiritually renewed and

What I like most about the theme is that it is highly missional. It’s
about taking risks, and getting out of the confines of our buildings,
and out into the streets (or the frontier) and doing ministry there.

This leads well into next week’s message on "passion and purpose,"
although I am going to adopt Bishop Dan Solomon’s title, "mission
passion," from his message at Annual Conference.

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