Journey through the Psalms 3: How Long?

Today, Joleen and I traded places for the day. It’s the second time we’ve done a pulpit exchange, but the first in about 54 weeks. In my place, Joleen preached the sermon on Psalm 13: How Long?, an example of a personal lament. I encourage you to check that out!

We both repeated the sermons we had preached the previous week, although my second go around with Psalm 137 was a good bit different than the first one. Here was my basic outline …

Face the ordeal head on!
The Israelites felt rejected by God for giving them up to their enemies. And their grief was made worse by their tormentors. (I then talked about Kubler-Ross’s stages of grief before moving on to the next point.)

Resolve to remember!
But even though the people are in a foreign land, and they feel like they’ve been handed over to their enemies, still they choose to be loyal to God, to remember God – what he’s done, what he has promised that he will do! In Psalm 137, we see an unwavering resolve – to remember, to not forget.

Trust God to make things right!
Psalm 137 shows a strong passion, a trust that God will somehow make things right!

Moving On: What is the next faithful step?
What is the next step that you need to take in your personal walk with God? And what is the next step for you, as a congregation, in order to be faithful to God?

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