Jesus’ Ministry :: A Lenten Meditation

I recently wrote this piece for the Manor Hill Charge newsletter for Lent …

Jesus’ Ministry
Jesus ministered to the crowds and then he drew the Twelve aside to teach them more. He taught them who he was. He taught them about the kingdom. He took them deeper than he did the crowd. The Twelve (the Core) wrestled with the things that perplexed thecrowd. He mentored and trained them, sending them out in twos to doministry. They came back and talked about that ministry.

How did it go?
Where did you have trouble? Where do you need to grow? How can I help you?

The Twelve were under a rigorous training routine – one thatinvolved every moment of their lives. The Twelve lived and ate withJesus. They traveled with Jesus. They listened to Jesus; they questioned Jesus; they struggled to understand Jesus. When Jesus’ teachings became too difficult and other disciples turned away, the Twelve remained.

The Twelve were not perfect. Peter denied knowing Jesus three times. Peter turned to the sword, as Jesus responded with healing andsubmission. One didn’t make it; Judas worked against Jesus.

Who are you in this story? Do you want to be one of the Twelve, at the core of God’s Church and it’s ministry, his loving action in the world? Are you in the crowd? Is God asking too much of you and so you chooseto remain in the crowd? Or have you turned away from his demands, hisvoice, his teaching?

As we travel the Lenten journey together, where will you find yourself? Will you draw closer to the One who requires much … even your all? Will you be obedient even when you don’t understand his commands? Will you follow him to the cross?

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