Formal Application for Adoption

Got word today that a formal application is in the mail!

If you’ve been following our unfolding adoption story over the last few months you may know that the next BIG step in the adoption process is the submission of a formal application to Americans for International Aid & Adoption (AIAA) (we had already submitted a “pre-application,” which put us in line for a formal application).

Well, moments ago, we received an email from AIAA that a formal application is being mailed to us today!

We don’t know how long the rest of the process will take, but expect it to take at least several months. We’re also not exactly sure what the rest of the process will look like (there will be more paperwork sometime down the road, we believe), but our understanding is that this essentially gets us on the waiting list for a child from South Korea (well, just as soon as we receive, complete, and return the application, of course, which we plan to do in a very timely manner). And that’s a big deal!

(Note to selves: Must get dissertations done ASAP!) 🙂

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