Off to Annual Conference …

The rest of the week is set aside for “holy conferencing.”

This evening, we’re heading to Messiah College, where members of the Central Pennsylvania Conference will gather for Annual Conference, Wednesday through Saturday.

The theme of Annual Conference will be “Leap of Faith!” Earlier, we wrote a brief preview. John Wesley described these types of gatherings as “holy conferencing.” May God bless our worship, our fellowship, our conversation, and our “worshipful work.” Conferences have been improving in recent years, so we enter this one with high expectations.

We both will be writing for the daily publication, The Daily Link, starting tomorrow. The first preview issue has already been printed and posted online. We’re not sure if/when Thursday, Friday, and Saturday’s issues will be available online, but you can check, if you’re interested.

We’ll post some thoughts, reviews, and reflections upon our return.

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